Research Projects

My research interests are in the area of image processing and computer vision. Specifically, I am interested in the areas of video quality assessment, visual attention, watermarking, 3D video, digital video networking, and QoS.

Video quality metrics


The goal of this project is to develop metrics that are able to provide an estimate of the perceptual quality of the video. We are particularly interested in developing algorithms that are fast, reliable and do not require the usage of the original (i.e. no-reference), being suitable for real-time video applications, such as video streaming, IPTV, video transmission and coding. (More details …)

Visual attention and perception


The goal of this project is to ircorporate aspects of visual attention into the design of regular video processing algorithms (such as coders, quality metrics, etc.). In particular, we are interested in understanding how attention affects quality judgements and the annoyance caused by artifacts. (More details …)

Watermarking and Data Hiding


Our goal is to study new methods for inserting watermarks in video signals adequate for the applications in mind. We particularly interested in the development of robust algorithms algorithtms targeted at content protection. We are also interested in the application of watermarking techniques to areas sucha as error concealment and QoS. (details …)

Digital Video Networking


This research is about the design of network protocols that provide better support for multimedia transmission over wireless networks. (More details …)