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Welcome to the Digital Signal Processing Group ("Grupo de Processamento Digital de Sinais", GPDS) at University of Brasília (UnB). The GPDS has been actively teaching courses, condicting research, and publishing results since 1988. Currently, GPDS is part of Department of Electrical Engineering at Faculty of Technology, although some group members are experts in Computer Science and related fields.



The focus of GPDS is the development of new methods for signal processing with several applications in a variety of areas. Among the group's areas of study, we can emphasize digital media processing (image, video, audio, and speech), data compression and transcoding, image quality, biological and biomechanical signal processing, geophysical signal processing, and digital network communication.



The mission of GPDS is to establish a research center of excellence through development of advanced technologies for sharing knowledge with society. The group conduct research of the highest international standards, in wide area of communications and signal processing to support industry and academia.



Quality Metrics

Image and video quality assessment is one of the challenging field of digital processing system. It can be done subjectively or objectively. The quality of visual signals (images or videos) is a characteristic of a signal that measures the perceived image degradation (typically, compared to an ideal or perfect image). Imaging systems may introduce some amounts of distortion or artifacts in the signal, so the quality assessment is an important problem.

Digital Watermarking

Digital watermarking involving techniques to embed a hidden information into a noise-tolerant signal such as an audio, video or image data. It may be used to verify the authenticity or integrity of the carrier signal or to show the identity of its owners. It is prominently used for tracing copyright infringements and for banknote authentication.

Digital Video Networking

Digital Video Networking (DVN) is about the design of network QoS protocols that provide better support for multimedia transmission over wireless networks. This research aims to develop methods to provide digital video services and applications with a small and cost effective solutions.

Biological Signal Processing

Our research focuses on introducing systematic engineering principles to model, at different levels of abstractions, the information processing in biological cells in order to understand the algorithms implemented by the signaling pathways that perform the processing. We are also investigating ways to emulate these algorithms in other contexts such as engineered distributed networks.

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